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Gear Oil

  • Extreme Pressure Worm Gear Oil
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    Extreme Pressure Worm Gear Oil

    High quality base oil blended with multi-purpose additives, suitable for cylindrical type of heavy-load worm gears with/without shock impact.
  • General Worm Gear Oil
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    General Worm Gear Oil

    Highly-refined thickened mineral oil blended with anti-wear, oiliness and other quality additives, suitable for cylindrical and double-ring types of worm gears under light load and shock-free conditions.
  • Industrial Gear Oil
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    Industrial Gear Oil

    Highly-refined thickened mineral oil blended with quality lubricant additives, suitable for industrial gears that are extensively used in mining, metallurgy, construction industry and chemical lines.
  • Gear Oil CompoundKFD4800 (T4208)
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    Gear Oil CompoundKFD4800 (T4208)

    Product Introduction: 一 . Component: This product consists of a variety of extreme pressure antiwear additives, antioxidants, preservatives and oiliness agents containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen. The single agent is modulated by a certain proportion and production...
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