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High Shear Stability Lubricating Oil Pour Point Depressant KFD8100 (T808A)

High Shear Stability Lubricating Oil Pour Point Depressant KFD8100 (T808A)

KFD8100 (T808A) is a fumarate-vinyl acetate copolymer pour point depressant. It is suitable for paraffin-based, intermediate-based and other base oils. The price of this product is reasonable and the quality is stable. This product has the same performance as Runyinglian's V387 pour point depressant, and has higher cost performance than similar products at home and abroad.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

KFD8100 (T808A) is a chemical that reduces the freezing point of lubricating oil. This product uses high-grade fatty alcohol as raw material. Shenyang Great Wall Lubricant Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with advanced production and testing equipment, is manufactured using advanced technology and technology. This product has a small amount of addition, good depressing effect, excellent low temperature fluidity and good shear stability. No matter how large or small, it will never affect the transparency of the oil.


Product Usage

KFD8100 (T808A) has a very small acid value and does not affect the quality of the oil. It can be applied to the blending of various oils as follows:

lGear Oil

lHydraulic oil

lTransformer oil

lTurbine oil

lVehicle internal combustion engine oil


Recommended Amount:0.1-0.5%


Executive Standard:Q-CRY02-2017


Main physical and chemical indicators (typical)


Typical value


Light yellow transparent viscous liquid

Viscosity (100 °C)                           mm2/s 


Shear stability index (ultrasonic)      %


Flash point (open)                                °C


Decaying degree                                   °C 

13 (note)


(1). Optimal blending temperature: 50-60 °C

(2). The storage temperature is not higher than 60 °C, avoid repeated heating and keep away from heat.


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