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Low Temperature Flowing Lubricating Oil PPD KFD8200(T808B)

Low Temperature Flowing Lubricating Oil PPD KFD8200(T808B)

KFD8200 (T808B) is a fumarate-vinyl acetate copolymer pour point depressant. It is mainly suitable for naphthenic base oils with higher wax content and higher viscosity and similar base oils.

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Product Details

Product introduction

KFD8200 (T808B) has outstanding pour point depressing effect and is leading in China. It has good low temperature fluidity and shear stability index. And the viscosity is appropriate, the acid value is small, and does not affect the emulsification.


Product Usage

Suitable for modulating various internal combustion engine oils, and special oils such as turbine oil and transformer oil.


Executive standard:Q/CRY02-2017


Main physical and chemical indicators (typical)


Typical value


Light yellow transparent viscous liquid

Viscosity (100 ° C)                          mm2/s 


Shear stability index (ultrasonic)      %


Flash point (open)                                °C


Decaying degree                                   °C  

26 (note)

Note: 0.5% of this product is added to the 18B base oil (condensation point +20±1°C) in Liaohe Oilfield, and the decrease of the freezing point is the degree of depressing.

KFD5800(T5038) (2)


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