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T808B Lubricant Additive Pour Point Depressant PPD

T808B Lubricant Additive Pour Point Depressant PPD

T808B pour point depressant is a fumarate-vinyl acetate copolymer pour point depressant. This product is improved and adjusted based on the T808A process formula. It is mainly suitable for naphthenic base oils with higher wax content and higher viscosity and similar base oils.

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The series of Fumarate-vinyl acetate copolymer products are very efficient pour point depressants. T808B pour point depressant could greatly reduce the pour point of the lubricating oils, and provide the oils with excellent low-temperature performances, especially suitable for naphthenic base oils with higher wax content and higher viscosity and similar base oils. T808B pour point depressant has small viscosity and excellent anti-shear performance, it could increase the viscosity index of the oils. Its color is light, it can be used in deep-dewaxing lubricating oils such as the multistage internal combustion engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, stream turbine oils, etc. This product can show the stronger performances used with some other PPDs. T808B pour point depressant has the less molecular weight and the good shear stability. It is widely used for internal combustion engine oils and hydraulic oils.



T808B pour point depressant used for blending various oils, such as automotive internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, etc.

Its recommended dosage is 0.1-0.5%.


Packaging & Storge

Packing: 200 liter metal drum (net weight:160kg/drum)

Storge: stored in dry, clean and well ventilated warehouses, lower than 60°C. 


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Founded in 1987, Shenyang Great Wall Lubricant Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of lubricants, specialty oils and lubricant additives. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. We produce lubricants for vehicles, industrial lubricants and special oils. We maintain good cooperative relations with many domestic automobile manufacturers and large industrial enterprises, and are qualified product suppliers.

Our company is a long-term cooperative supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation. Our company has advanced imported inspection equipment, such as spectrometer, diesel nozzle instrument, low temperature dynamic viscosity and so on.

Our company carries out management with "quality first, honesty-based", always adheres to the concept of doing well and strengthening, and sincerely hopes to cooperate with you.

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