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T808B Lubricant Additive PPD Copolymer Of Fumaric Acid Ester And Vinyl Acetate

T808B Lubricant Additive PPD Copolymer Of Fumaric Acid Ester And Vinyl Acetate

T808B pour point depressant is a fumarate-vinyl acetate copolymer pour point depressant. This product is improved and adjusted based on the T808A process formula. It is mainly suitable for naphthenic base oils with higher wax content and higher viscosity and similar base oils.

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Product Description

T808B lubricant additive PPD is the copolymer of fumarate and vinyl acetate, which has good low-temperature flow ability and excellent effect in dropping condensate. It can effective inhabit wax component in lubricant to form network structure at low-temperature, therefore, it can effective drop pour point of lubricant. T808B lubricant additive has a wide range of adaptability. It has the advantages of low viscosity, light colority, transparent appearance etc.


Technical Index


Packaging & Delivery

T808B lubricant additive is packed with barrels (200L/barrel). The net weight is170kg/barrel. It can be transported by containers or by trucks.  

The product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. The shelf life is 2 years.  

If it contacts with the skin by carelessness, rinse with detergent and water thoroughly.

Port: Dalian


Company Information

Established in 1987, Shenyang Great Wall Lubricant Oil Manufactory Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise with the complete scientific research, production and sales, and owns several domestic and international technical patents.

Our products range from lubricant to lubricant additives. We are devoted to turning into the technology leading lubricant additive production and R&D base for providing higher performance and more eco-friendly products for worldwide lubricant manufacturers.


Excellent quality, good credit and service

Our technology constantly make breakthroughs, some products are leading the industry, currently we already become the strategic cooperation partner of Sinopec, PetroChina, ect. And many products exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, etc.


Quality is the lifeline in our company

1. From raw materials to the production, selection, stable supply of raw materials to ensure product quality stability.

2. High quality R&D team and the cooperation with large research institutes, to ensure that the product progress and innovation; According to different customers’ requirements, customized the personalized products, technological innovation.

3. Follow-up the feedback on the quality of products, and constantly improve the quality of products, and we strive for perfection!

4. Strict product quality control system, guarantee the stability of product quality,keep quality the same consistently. Reasonable price, the “best value” products,it is our pursuit.


Wish our best services with full heart can co-create wonderful win-win scenery

1.Timely, safe and accurate delivery, high quality product, stable performance,honest supply,keep the promise.

2. High-tech products with professional technical services. Marketing personnel with professional product application knowledge and high quality technical services team,help customers to analysis and solve problems.



Q: How to get a good quotation?

A: Please offer the following informations:

1. What products you are interested

(There are over 40 products we produce, we would like to email you the product catalogues if you need);

2. Order quantity (Tons);

3. Packing method (Iron drum, IBC tank, ISO tank, Flexitank.);

4. Delivery trems;

5. Destination of delivery.


Q: What should I do if I want some special indexes?

A: We have a high quality R&D team and R&D center with professional equipment, can customized the products according to your requirements.

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