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T808B Pour Point Depressant For Oil

T808B Pour Point Depressant For Oil

T808B pour point depressant is a new type of lubricant pour point depressant, and is a high-grade green environmental protection of new petroleum additives. The appearance of the product is light yellow transparent liquid, with good pour point reduction, viscosity increase and improve the performance of viscosity index.

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Product introduction:

T808B PPD can effectively refine the wax crystal, reduce the cold filter point and further improve the low temperature fluidity of oil products, which is a new generation of high-tech products. This product has excellent low temperature dispersion and fluidity, has good anti-oxygen anti-corrosion and high temperature cleaning. It can be very effective to prevent high-temperature oxidation of oil and piston corrosion. It can effectively reduce the cold filtering point and condensing point of oil, improve the low temperature flow performance of oil, ensure smooth cold start of engine, and effectively solve the troubles caused by sudden drop of temperature and trans-regional driving.


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