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T808B Pour Point Depressant In Lubricant

T808B Pour Point Depressant In Lubricant

Lubricating oil PPD T808B has low viscosity, excellent color shallow, transparent appearance, blood coagulation effect, wide adaptability and other characteristics, the application in domestic dewaxing depth and different viscosity index base oil and imported, in class I, II and III base oil has good base oil, used in internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil, industrial oil vehicles such as product of lubricating oil, the flow effect is good, and T808B PPD has lower effect on the apparent viscosity of oil, the main performance index has reached the advanced level of similar products abroad.

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Product Details

Product overview

Our company independent research and development, production of lubricating oil pour point depressant T808B. The lubricating oil with low freezing point is of great significance to the normal use of some operating equipment in cold region in winter. Usually, the lubricating oil made from paraffin base crude oil can be dewaxed to produce low freezing point lubricating oil, but the dewaxing process has disadvantages such as high energy consumption, high cost, low viscosity and reduced yield, etc. Besides, with the removal of solid paraffin hydrocarbon, some excellent performance of lubricating oil will be affected. Adding lubricating oil pour point depressant is the most economical, effective and feasible way to solve the above problems.

Directions for use

Recommended dosage is 0.1% - 0.3%, in the lubricating oil flow rate usually 20-30 ℃, low freezing point of lubricating oil use effect is generally better than that of high freezing point oil.

Method of use

Oil temperature is less than 60 ℃, stirring or loop until blended.

Our company is the domestic production of lubricants and lubricants additives in the early history of the company, and is the largest domestic output, the most complete types, the best quality of enterprises, products occupy the majority of the domestic market share. The product applies the scope wider, the effect is more remarkable, the fine quality, the price is reasonable.


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