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GL-4 Industrial Gear Oil

GL-4 Industrial Gear Oil

GL-4 gear oil is made by blending high viscosity index base oil into the company's T4208 compounding agent. Has excellent extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, low temperature fluidity, oxidation stability and rust resistance.

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GL-4 heavy-duty industrial gear oil is formulated by highly refined base oil and technique formula, and advanced technology craft.



This product has prefect carrying ability, with outstanding anti-wear performance in severe conditions, with excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, excellent oxidation stability and oil-water separation ability.



Applicable for the large heavy-duty gear working in such industries as steel, cement, power, mining and so on, and can also be used for circulatory system or oil bath type gear, and also can be used for the high-speed rapier loom in textile industry. 


Product Packing

18 kg plastic pail, 170 kg metal drum, adjustable according to customers’ requirements.


Don’ t used mix with other oil. 

Clean the lubricant system, avoid pollution before application.

No pollution from impurities or water during storage and transportation.


Why Choose Us

1) Founded in year 1987.

2) Series of product including, R&D, production, test, consulting, transfer service of technology for products ranging from lubricating grease, lubricating oil, lubricant oil additives etc. 

3) Advanced production equipment, sophisticated test machine, modern standard workshop. 

4) Changhcheng Lubricant oil products are widely used in many industries including, metallurgy, cement, assembling, electronic tools, sea ports, vehicles, machines, textile, printing and dyeing, sugar making, chemical, electricity generation etc. 



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