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Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil

Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil

Heavy-duty industrial gear oils are blended with a high-viscosity index base oil added to a compounding agent. It has good extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, rust resistance and corrosion resistance.

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Heavy duty industrial gear oil is made of high quality synthetic oil base oil with antioxidant, extreme pressure anti-wear, anti rust and other additives for the use of bearings and gears uder harsh condition which cannot use mineral oil.


Main grades: CKD 100、150、220、320


Main advantage

  • Comprehensive protection equipment.

  • Excellent lubrication effect.

  • Wide range of use.

  • Keep equipment clean.

  • Long service life.


Main application

Heavy duty industrial gear oil suitable for variety of medium,low speed, heavy load industrial gear,sliding bearings, rolling bearings, air compressor and others lubrication. It has high efficiency,low power dissipation, low wear, long service life and oil change.



When using this product, must clean the lubrication area, to avoid the pollution.

Do not mixed use with different brands, different varieties of oil which has poor compatibility with other oils.

Do not mixed use with the waste lubricants.


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