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Heavy-duty Vehicle Gear Oil GL-5

Heavy-duty Vehicle Gear Oil GL-5

Heavy-duty vehicle gear oil GL-5 is made of high viscosity base oil and our product T4208 gear oil compounding agent. It has excellent extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, good scratch resistance and sinter resistance, good corrosion resistance and rust resistance. GL-5 Heavy load vehicle gear wheel oil mainly plays the role of lubricating gears and bearings, preventing wear and corrosion, and helping the gear to dissipate heat.

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Product Details

Product Details

GL-5 85W/140 heavy-duty vehicle gear oil  is a high anti-wear performance to lower resistance ensure transmission system operate smoothly.

Excellent low temperature performance guarantee enough traffic even under low temperature operation.

The high oxidation resistance extend the service life of the engine oil.

Excellent performance in heavy duty condition with high temperature to protect gears.

Excellent shear stability and performance can control caused by shear viscosity of oil pressure drop and the clutch skid phenomenon effectively.


Packing specification: 4L* 6, 18L* 1, 170Kg*1


Specifications: 75W/90, 80W/90, 85W/90, 85W/140 four grades.



Excellent resistance to extrusion and impact ,effectively preventing gear  surface from erosion ,peeling off and other chemical reactions.

Outstanding heat resistance and oxidation stability,effectively reducing oxide generation.



Heavy-duty vehicle gear oil GL-5 suitable for lubricating drive shafts(front and rear axle )of all kinds of vehicles and some gearbox gear.

Especially double curve gears, applicable to high speed/low torque or high speed/shock load scenarios.


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KFD5800(T5038) (2)


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