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High Quality Gear Oil GL-5 85W140 In Transmission

High Quality Gear Oil GL-5 85W140 In Transmission

Gl-5 is made of high viscosity base oil and our product T4208 gear oil compounding agent. It has excellent extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, good scratch resistance and sinter resistance, good corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

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Product Details

Product performance

GL-5 85W140 is made of high-quality paraffin base oil and added with extreme pressure anti-wear agent, friction modifier, anti-oxidant anti-corrosion agent, rust anti-foam agent and other functional additives. It has excellent extreme pressure properties, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, thermal oxidation safety and emulsification properties.

Excellent extrusion and anti-wear, it can effectively prevent the abrasion of gear tooth surface under the harsh conditions such as high-speed impact and high torque, and has excellent bearing capacity.

Scope of application

GL-5 85W140 is applicable to the lubrication of gear drive axles, drive shafts and gearboxes of various home and abroad passenger cars, trains and other vehicles such as railway locomotives under high-speed impact load, high-speed low-torque and low-speed high-torque conditions.


Specifications: 75W/90, 80W/90, 85W/90, 85W/140 four grades.


Packing specification: 4L* 6, 18L* 1, 170Kg*1


Viscosity Grade: Make sure the proper viscosity grade is chosen. The corresponding recommendation will depend on the vehicle service ambient temperature and can be found in the relevant document.

Application Recommendation: Run Chi GL-5 85W140 Gear Oil is recommended for rear axle and driving shaft in heavy-load vehicles where the GL-5 level performance oil is recommended.

KFD5800(T5038) (2)


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