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The Industry Gear Wheel Paints Middle Load Oil

It is made of refined mineral oil by adding anti-oxidation, anti-rust and extreme pressure anti-wear agent. It has better wear resistance than CKB and is suitable for medium-duty gear lubrication.

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Product introduction

This product is prepared by adding a refined high viscosity index base oil to the compounding agent. It can maintain good lubricity, extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, thermal oxidation stability, rust resistance and emulsification resistance under heavy load and impact load.


Viscosity grade 68#, 100#, 150#, 220#, 320#, 460#, 680#.

Product Features:

lReduce wear on gears and other moving parts and extend gear life.

lReduce friction and reduce power loss.

lDissipate heat and provide a certain cooling effect.

lPrevent corrosion and rust.

lReduce working noise, reduce vibration and impact between gears.

lFlush the dirt, especially the dirt between the tooth surfaces, to reduce the wear.



1. Avoid high temperature during storage, transportation and use.

2. Not mixed with other oils.

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