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High Grade Antiwear Hydraulic Oil 68 Brake Fluid

High Grade Antiwear Hydraulic Oil 68 Brake Fluid

L-HM 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil is excellent anti-wear hydraulic fluid under high pressure and high temperature condition. It is highly hydrotreated base stocks and advanced anti-wear, anti-oxidant additive system.

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Product Details

Functional characteristics:

Excellent oxidation stability and thermal stability,The oil products are not easy to deteriorate under harsh operating conditions.Reducing transmission loss and variable speed impact.Excellent antiwear Good antioxidation,Can be used for a long time;Meet engineering machinery and import equipment and The hydraulic system of heavy duty, medium and high pressure vane pumps, plunger pumps, duplex pumps and gear pumps for vehicles.


Scope of application:

It is suitable for all kinds of hydraulic equipment systems in large-scale construction machinery, construction, mining, smelting and other industries.


Be careful:

Avoid contact with skin,Wear anti permeable gloves when using,If there is contact,Please rinse with clean water and soap immediately,Protect the environment,Send the waste oil to the official approval collection and processing center,Do not dump waste oil into the drain,Soil and water.Harmless use under normal condition.

KFD5800(T5038) (2)


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