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Hydraulic Drive Oil

Hydraulic Drive Oil

Hydraulic drive oil is made up of synthetic base oil and functional additives. It has good viscosity and temperature properties and suitable viscosity.

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Product introduction

Hydraulic drive oil is also known as automatic transmission oil (ATF) or automatic transmission oil. It is used as a working medium in a vehicle automatic transmission composed of a torque converter, a fluid coupling and a mechanical transmission, and transmits energy by the kinetic energy of the liquid.


According to the central value of the 100-degree kinematic viscosity, it is divided into two grades of No. 6 and No. 8.

Hydraulic transmission oil characteristics

1. Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance ensure that the hydraulic transmission works normally within the temperature range of -40 to 170 °C.

2. Good anti-wear properties ensure that hydraulic transmission components of different materials are not easily worn under operating conditions.

3. Good thermal stability and oxidation stability for long-term recycling at operating conditions of 70 to 140 ° C (or even higher).

4. Good low temperature fluidity, low freezing point, to adapt to the working conditions of mechanical opening and closing and winter running.

5. Good anti-foaming properties, so that the foam produced by the oil under the working conditions of constant stirring of the machine is easy to disappear. So as not to reduce the efficiency of the torque converter, the shifting failure.


No. 6 hydraulic transmission oil: It is mainly used for hydraulic torque converters and hydraulic couplers of large vehicles such as diesel locomotives, heavy-duty trucks, crawler vehicles and off-road vehicles. It can also be used in hydraulic transmission systems for construction machinery.

No. 8 hydraulic transmission oil: It is mainly used for hydraulic automatic transmission systems of various small cars and light trucks.


Packing: 4L, 18L, 170kg


Application considerations

1. The hydraulic transmission oil of the same level of different manufacturers can not be mixed. The specific application matters must be contacted by professional engineers of oil application.

2. The storage period must not exceed one year, and it should be sealed and stored at room temperature. If the storage conditions change, it must be inspected by an oil professional and confirmed before it can be used.

3. The manufacturer only provides oil technical reference data. The specific physical and chemical technical parameters of each batch of oil are subject to the actual data provided by the manufacturer or distributor and the user test data.

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