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L-AN Entire Spoilage System Oil Machine Oil

L-AN Entire Spoilage System Oil Machine Oil

L-AN Entire spoilage system oil is prepared by adding a refined base oil to a functional additive. This product has good lubricity and oxidation resistance.

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Product Details

Product introduction

L-AN Entire spoilage system oil is a hydrogenated high-viscosity mineral base oil. It is made of imported anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-foaming, anti-oxidation and anti-wear repair additives. It is made of scientific formula and is fully lossy system oil and machinery. The oil is applied to all-loss system oils that have no special requirements for lubricating oils.


Main grades

According to the central value of 40°C kinematic viscosity, it is divided into five grades of 32, 46, 68, 100 and 150.



Suitable for full loss lubrication system with no special requirements for lubrication, ie lubrication of low-load mechanical parts.


Performance characteristics

1. It has good anti-wear performance and provides good protection for mechanical systems;

2, has good oxidation stability, and anti-foaming performance

3, with good shear stability, provide effective lubrication protection at high temperatures

4, with a high viscosity index can guarantee good lubrication performance.

5, has excellent rust resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-wear repair, improve the service life of mechanical moving parts.


Note: L-AN Entire spoilage system oil is not suitable for use in circulating lubrication systems.


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