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L-HG Hydraulic Pressure Slide Way Oil

L-HG Hydraulic Pressure Slide Way Oil

Our product can effectively protect sealing material, reduce wear, prevent the phenomenon of “crawling”, and the amount of metalworking fluid mixed in is less.

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Product Details

Product introduction

L-HG Hydraulic pressure slide way oil is made by blending anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam additives with refined lubricant base oil. This product has good resistance to oxygen, rust, abrasion and sticky slip.


Product Usage

It is mainly used in all kinds of lubrication system for machine tool hydraulics and guide rails or rails machine lubricant system and machine tool hydraylic system.


Viscosity grade 32#、68#

Precautions: this product can not be mixed with other oil substitutes without verification. It is placed in a ventilation and dry place in a sealed state. Avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature baking, flame and strong oxidizing agents ect. The minimum strorage period is 36 months. Please keep it sealed when not in use.


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