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L-HM 68# Anti-wear Hydraulic Fluid Oil

L-HM 68# Anti-wear Hydraulic Fluid Oil

L-HM68# anti-wear hydraulic oil uses the high quality base oil to join import additive and a series of selected additive modulation and become, the product has excellent abrasion resistance, effectively reduce the hydraulic pump wear, excellent antioxidant safety, antirust and anti-corrosion performance, good anti-foam and air release properties, good adaptability of rubber, and effectively protect sealing materials, to prevent leakage.

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Product Details

Product Description  

L-HM 68# anti-wear hydraulic fluid oil is excellent anti-wear hydraulic fluid under high pressure and high temperature condition. It is highly hydrotreated base stocks and advanced anti-wear, anti-oxidant additive system.

Main grade: 32#、46#、68#、100#.



L-HM 68# anti-wear hydraulic fluid oil is mainly used for hydraulic systems of heavy duty, medium pressure and high pressure vane pumps, embolization pumps and gear pumps. It can also be used in hydraulic systems of medium pressure and high pressure engineering machinery and equipment.


Features and potential benefits  

Excellent anti-wear properties ensuring protection of machine parts.

Great lubricity at high temperature thanks to base stock’ s high viscosity index .

Prevents formation of deposits in the circuit thanks to remarkable thermal stability : cleaner circuits, less clogging of the filters.

Low pour point helps to reduce friction during operation at low temperature  

Reduced maintenance costs.


Packaging Details

We have package as follows: 4L, 18L ,200L  



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