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L-HM 68# Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

L-HM 68# Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

L-HM 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil is developed from rust-proof and anti-oxygen hydraulic oil. It has alkaline high-zinc, alkaline low-zinc, neutral high-zinc and ashless.

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Product features of L-HM68# Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil 

L-HM68# anti-wear hydraulic oil uses the high quality base oil to join import additive and a series of selected additive modulation and become, the product has excellent abrasion resistance, effectively reduce the hydraulic pump wear, excellent antioxidant safety, antirust and anti-corrosion performance, good anti-foam and air release properties, good adaptability of rubber, and effectively protect sealing materials, to prevent leakage.


Application of of L-HM68# Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil 

L-HM68# anti-wear hydraulic oil can be widely used in high temperature, high speed and heavy load condition bottoms with a radial piston pump, vane pump, gear, bearings and other industrial machinery, high load in hydraulic system, especially suitable for containing the galaxy copper parts of lubrication system.


Anti-wear hydraulic oil  Packaging specifications: 4L* 6, 18L* 1, 170Kg*1


Anti-wear hydraulic oil Viscosity level: 32 #, 46 #, 68#, 100#


Viscosity grade: please make sure you have chosen the appropriate viscosity grade.The corresponding recommended usage information depends on the ambient temperature of the equipment, and the data can be obtained from relevant data.


Application recommendation: this product is suitable for lubrication of medium pressure and high pressure hydraulic systems and equipments which are produced at home and abroad in automobile, petrochemical, metallurgy, coal, construction industry, and also be applied to the lubrication of hydraulic systems of medium and high pressure vane pump, plunger pump and gear pumps.


Photos of L-HM68# Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil 


KFD5800(T5038) (2)


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