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L-HM Wear-resistant Hydraulic Pressure Oil

L-HM Wear-resistant Hydraulic Pressure Oil

This product is made by blending refined high viscosity base oil with functional additives. This product has good abrasion resistance, good viscosity and good viscosity, excellent oxidation stability and good rust resistance. It is mainly used for hydraulic systems of heavy-duty, medium-pressure, high-pressure vane pumps, embolization pumps and gear pumps. It can also be used in hydraulic systems of medium-pressure and high-pressure engineering machinery and equipment.

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Product introduction

L-HM wear-resistant hydraulic pressure oil is developed from rust-proof and anti-oxygen hydraulic oil. It has alkaline high-zinc, alkaline low-zinc, neutral high-zinc and ashless.


Main grades: According to the 40°C kinematic viscosity center value is divided into four grades of 32, 46, 68, 100.


Packing: 4L/barrel, 18L/barrel, 170KG/barrel



(1) L-HM anti-wear hydraulic oil is mainly used for heavy-duty, medium-pressure, high-pressure vane pump, plunger pump and gear pump hydraulic system J mesh YB-D25 vane pump, PF15 piston pump, CBN-E306 gear pump, YB A hydraulic system such as an E80/40 double pump.

(2) Hydraulic systems for medium-pressure, high-pressure construction machinery, imported equipment and vehicles. Hydraulic systems such as CNC machine tools, tunnel boring machines, crawler cranes, hydraulic backhoes and shearers.

(3) In addition to medium and high pressure hydraulic systems suitable for various hydraulic pumps, it can also be used for lubrication of medium duty industrial gears (except worm gears and hyperbolic gears). The ambient temperature for its application is -10°C ~ 40°C. This product has good adaptability to nitrile rubber.



1. L-HM can not mixed with other oils.

2. To keep the hydraulic system clean, remove the sludge and metal shavings in the tank in time.

3. According to the oil change reference index, the oil should be cleaned when the oil is changed, so as to avoid impurities and the like, which may affect the use effect.

4. Containers and refueling tools must be cleaned during storage and use to prevent contamination of the oil.

5. The oil is mainly suitable for hydraulic oil pumps of steel-steel friction pair. For hydraulic oil pumps of friction materials of other materials, it is necessary to have the oil pump load limit applicable to the product recommended by the oil pump manufacturer or the oil supply unit. For hydraulic pumps used in non-steel-steel friction pairs, this product is recommended by the oil pump factory.


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