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Applications Of Pour Point Depressant

A pour point depressant is an additive, a polymer or condensed matter. Its molecules generally include polar groups (or aromatic nuclei) and paraffin hydrocarbon that is similar to alkyl chain structure. It is usually a small amount added to oil that can significantly reduce the oil’s apparent viscosity and pour point, thus to achieve an increased low temperature liquidity. It is applicable to all diesel engines, including trucks, and light diesel oil engines such as those on the tractors, diesel locomotives, engineering machinery, ships and generator sets.

Main diesel additive models are 0# to 35#, which can reduce the diesel pour point by 15-30 ℃, cold filter point by 4-12 ℃. At the same time, pour point depressants can improve the diesel low temperature flow, thus to increase the efficiency of diesel oil at low temperatures.

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