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Can Oil And Gear Oil Be Mixed?

The difference between engine oil and gear oil is quite large, and the two cannot be mixed.

The main role of oil: lubrication, cleaning and dispersion, cooling, sealing.

Lubrication is actually the easiest to protect, because even the most common lubricants have good lubrication performance. A 706 CA6140 lathe in the factory has been used for nearly 50 years. The gears are in good condition and always add ordinary lubricants. . Engine combustion products require oil to dissolve and clean. Otherwise, these impurities will gradually harden at high temperatures, which will affect the normal operation of the engine. An oil seal is also required between the engine piston ring and the cylinder wall to prevent helium.

Cooling down, the cylinder is always burning intensely, the temperature is very high, the cylinder wall and the cylinder head have cooling water passages, which can be cooled by the coolant, and the piston cannot be directly cooled by the coolant due to its particularity, so the organic fuel is sprayed under the engine piston. The mouth sprays oil to the bottom of the piston to cool the piston.

Therefore, due to the particularity of the engine work, there are more requirements for oil.

The main function of gear oil is anti-wear and lubrication.

Gear oil is used in the differential and gearbox. These places are mainly gear meshing transmission power, and they are all located at the end of the transmission system. It needs to be decelerated and twisted, so the gear transmission load is very large, and more viscous oil is needed to ensure contact. There is still oil in the face when it is bitten.

The gear oil is very viscous, ensuring that the oil film on the contact surface is not damaged under heavy load. Moreover, some vehicles also contain graphite in the gear oil. The main component of the pencil lead we use is graphite. Graphite is also a kind of lubricant. Adding to the gear oil can increase the wear resistance. In order to increase the wear resistance, the gear oil is often added with other substances, so the gear oil smells mostly pungent smell.

Gear oil and engine oil have completely different properties and functions, so they cannot be mixed. However, it is better to use a gear oil to lubricate the chain than the oil.

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