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How To Choose Vehicle Gear Oil?

Choose gear oil
The choice of vehicle gear oils depends on the types of the gears, the loading and the rotating speed. Generally, the automobile rear axle from advanced production lines should use GL-5 heavy load vehicle gear oil, manual transmission uses GL-4 medium load vehicle gear oil. The automobile rear axle with
spiral bevel gear should use GL-3 ordinary vehicle gear oil or GL-4 oil, MT uses GL-3 oil. The automobile rear axle with hyperbolic gear uses GL-4 or GL-5 gear oil, MT uses GL-4 gear oil.

Normally, working with low temperature and low load, oil should have a low channel point and low viscosity. On the opposite, working with high temperature and heavy load, oil should have greater viscosity. Multi-grade oil with “W” label could satisfy the requirements for oil to cold start and work under normal condition. The following table shows the suggested grades for different temperatures.


Grade of the vehicle gear oil

temperature /C°

Grade of the vehicle gear oil





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