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What Are The Differences Between HL Hydraulic Oil And Old Machine Oil?

Before the 1980s, machine oil is seen as the master lubricant in China mechanical industries, used for lubricating bearings, hydraulic systems, gears or guiding rails. The old idea had been improved with ten years of testing and comparing different oils on machine tools, and evolved into the national standard of hydraulic oil with HL, HM, HG categories.


The old machine oil is composed of base oil and antioxidants. Base oil is conventionally refined and has a refining degree lower than the steam turbine oils. HL hydraulic oil is composed of base oil, together with antioxidant and anti-rust agent, only Group I base oil in the China national standard could produce quality HL oil, whose refining degree is the same as steam turbine oil.

HL hydraulic oil has the following advantages:

1. Machine oil has 11 indicators, all of them physical and chemical, with kinematic viscosity at 50℃ as the naming. HL oil also has 11 physical and chemical indicators, and 6 of them are new: 0℃ viscosity, viscosity index, air release, seal compatibility, anti-emulsification, anti-foaming, etc. Three indicators are removed, which are carbon residue, ash content and acidity.

2. Machine oil does not have performance indicators, while HL have four performance indicators: rust test in liquid phase, oxidation stability,  rotary bomb oxidation test, and four-ball machine test.

3. HL oil has anti-rust agent, in addition to antioxidants.

Therefore, HL oil have more benefits for performance and lifespan than oil machine oil. Anywhere that machine oil is used, could be replaced with HL oil for better lubricating effects.

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