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Dynamic Analysis Of Domestic Marine Oil Market

Marine oil is mainly used for water transport, and marine oil is divided into marine fuel oil and marine lubricants two categories. Marine fuel oil is mainly used with fuels for ocean-going vessels and navigation on the coast of large-scale ships. Marine lubricants are used for the mechanical lubrication of ships, usually divided into marine cylinder oil, marine system oil, marine medium speed oil, etc. China's marine oil market is in the growth period, and in recent years, even with the impact of the financial crisis, the market is able to maintain a sustained growth situation.

Waterway transport has various advantages such as large tonnage, long-distance, and low-cost. In the international trades and domestic trades, transportation occupies an extremely important position. Benefiting from the rapid development of China's international trade, China's demand for marine fuel oil will accompany the development of waterway transport industry in the coming years and continue to increase.

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