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Why Is The Engine Oil Consumed So Fast?

Normal wear

The normal lifespan of engine is reached, and it’s time to have a major repair.


Abnormal wear

The causes of abnormal wear of engines could be the poor quality or improper use of oil products. 


The causes of engine early wear may be one of the followings: the use of substandard oil, untimely replacement of oil and oil filter, cold start with throttle accelerator at the maximum speed, running engine with a low level of engine oil or under exceedingly high load for a long time, prolonged engine running time under high temperature, prolonged engine running with high speed (higher than 4000r/min), engine running at an environment with a poor air quality (high dust content), untimely replacement of air filter, insufficient power of engine pump, low oil pressure, blockage in the oil passage.


 What are the effects of high engine oil consumption? 

1.       The wear of the cylinder liner can cause the clearance of the cylinder to widen, and some oil will leak into the combustion chamber and burn out.

2.       The wear of piston ring, the fracture or reduced elasticity of the ring, or several piston rings on a straight line, will cause the seal to loose, and oil leak into the combustion chamber.

3.       The aging or damage of valve oil seal, , especially the inlet valve oil seal can also let some oil leak into the combustion chamber.

4.       The engine exhaust pipe is blocked (the engine oil intake pipe of the engine) causes the pressure in the engine oil chamber too high, and some of the oil is pressed into the combustion chamber.

5.        Cylinder liner oil duct and gasket undershoot can also let part of the oil enter into the combustion chamber.

6.       The turbocharger also consumes part of the motor oil when is turned on or off. As the exhaust turbine supercharger is depend on the balanced pressure of the air intake and exhaust to seal oil, therefore, during starting up and shutting down, there always will be a small amount of engine oil leakage, and this is common to all the vehicles with exhaust turbine supercharger.



How to troubleshoot engine oil losses? 

1、 If the pressure of cylinder pressure is normal, it is the aging damage of valve oil seal that causes the engine oil leakage, and valve oil seal should be replaced.

2、 If the cylinder pressure of a single cylinder or multi-cylinder is lower than the normal value, then need to check the inside of the engine by opening the cylinder cover, whether there is a oil duct and gasket undershoot, wearing degree of the cylinder and piston, the elasticity of the cylinder liner. If there is a oil duct and gasket undershoot, the gasket should be changed. If there is too much wear in the piston and cylinder, then the cylinder sleeve, piston or liner should be replaced.

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