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How Long Does It Take To Change The Oil?

Many friends drive 5,000 kilometers to 4S shop maintenance to change oil, and 4S shop will also tell you how many kilometers and time to maintain, in fact, the oil will achieve the best cleaning effect when 5,000 kilometers, there is no need to replace, because Frequent replacement of oil, but will make the cleaning effect greatly reduced, the time is long, but the engine is a kind of injury!

First of all, the oil on the market is generally divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil, and the synthetic oil is further divided into semi-synthetic oil and full synthetic oil. Mineral oil is generally 5,000 km or changed once every half year. Semi-synthetic oil adds a large amount of synthetic motor oil additive on the basis of mineral oil, which is generally changed once at 7500 km or 9 months. The total synthetic oil is 10,000 kilometers or changed once a year. The periodicity is very long. These are not certain. It is still a little different for different models.

Different brands of cars, engine technology and adjustment are different, some are 7500 repairs, there are 10,000 repairs can also be, specific manufacturers require your car to repair how many kilometers, the most authoritative is the maintenance manual, the above is how good kilometers to change the oil, we For how many kilometers to change, you must not listen to the staff, there is no need to do things that waste money.

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