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How To Choose Diesel Anti-coagulant And Pour Point Depressant?

At present, the market is divided into two products: “pour point depressant” and “anticoagulant”. What difference do they have?

Experts explained that diesel anticoagulants have significant advantages over conventional diesel pour point depressants. First, high versatility: suitable for different grades, different refinery diesel.

Second, convenience: directly adding the product to diesel can effectively reduce the freezing point and filter point of diesel. It can get the anti-coagulation effect of No. 0 diesel to No.-10 diesel. It can achieve the anti-coagulation effect of No.-10 diesel to No. -20 diesel.

As the winter is approaching, many public transport, factories and mines, and military systems have already acted in advance, saying that ensuring smooth winter operation is an important task related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

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