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How To Choose The Variety Of Gear Oil?

According to the working environment and working conditions, the selection of hydraulic oil should be comprehensively considered and judged from the aspects of working pressure, temperature, working environment, hydraulic system and component structure and material, economy, etc. when selecting hydraulic oil used in hydraulic equipment. 

Environmental factors include: above ground, underground, indoor, wild, coastal, cold, high temperature, open flame. Operating conditions: pump type, pressure, temperature, material, sealing material, running time. 

Oil properties: physical and chemical properties. 

Economical: use time, oil change period, price.

Working pressure: mainly requires the lubrication of hydraulic oil, that is, the wear resistance. The hydraulic components of the high-pressure system, especially the friction pair in the boundary lubrication state of the hydraulic pump, due to the increase of the positive pressure and the high speed, the friction and wear conditions are harsh, and it is necessary to select the HM oil with excellent lubricity, that is, abrasion resistance and extreme pressure.

Working temperature: refers to the temperature of the hydraulic system hydraulic oil during operation, which mainly requires the viscosity temperature and thermal stability of the hydraulic oil.

Type selection

1. According to the form of the friction pair and its materials

2. Gear pumps, vane pumps and plunger pumps are the main pump types in hydraulic systems.

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