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How To Maintain Hydraulic Oil?

1. It is not used under high temperature to ensure that the hydraulic oil will oxidize and deteriorate quickly at high temperature.

2. The air filter on the hydraulic station should use a filter that can both filter particles and filter moisture.

3. Filter the hydraulic oil with a precision filter.

4. For oil stations with moisture, centrifugal dewatering or vacuum dewatering should be done.

5, regular oil testing. At present, the ordinary L-HL series has been eliminated, and the anti-wear L-HM series has more applications. Low temperature performance and cleanliness are also important characteristics of hydraulic fluids.

6. Prevent air from entering the oil. The oil pump suction port should be sealed and reliable. The oil suction pipe in the oil tank should not be too close to the oil surface. The highest point of the system should be equipped with an exhaust valve to release the free air in the oil.

7. The fuel tank should be reasonably designed. The oil suction pipe should be kept away from the oil return pipe. The oil tank should be coated with oil-resistant anti-rust paint. The cooler in the fuel tank should not leak water.

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