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How To Reduce Engine Wear?

1. Often change and use high quality engine oil

When the engine is running, it runs at high speed in the internal high temperature and high pressure environment and rubs against each other. At this time, the oil needs to be lubricated to maintain normal operation. At the same time, the use of high-quality motor oil, because there are many anti-wear additives in the inside, can reduce the wear and tear of the engine, and can reduce the carbon deposit or sludge inside the engine.

2. Good driving habits

The importance of this point is not inferior to the above point, the driver's driving habits are crucial for the engine. Bad driving habits are very harmful to the engine. When driving the vehicle, it is necessary to control the speed of the vehicle, master the coordination of the engine speed, and avoid low-speed high-speed, high-grade low-speed. And be careful not to start the cold car. Vehicles that are not used for more than 4 hours can be defined as cold cars to prevent dry grinding inside the mandatory parts of the car.

3. Ensure that the water and oil in the car are in a normal state.

Under normal circumstances, the normal running water temperature of the car is about 80 degrees Celsius. If the oil pressure gauge shows 1 kg when driving on a slow train, the oil pressure is normal when the express train is 4-5 kg. This can be from the gasoline pressure lamp inside the car. It can be seen that if there is a light-on alarm, you should immediately go to the nearby 4S shop or repair shop to check the reason, do not covet a little savings.

In addition to the particularly harsh environment, such as Dasha, the cold environment, the main car engine wear and tear is also the maintenance and use of our owners. To really become an old driver, you still have to start with your own vehicle.

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