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How Viscosity Index Improver Works?

The viscosity index improver is usually an oil-soluble polymer compound which is generally rubbery or solid at room temperature. For ease of use, it is usually diluted to 5% to 10% concentrate with 150SN or 100SN neutral oil. A multistage oil to which a viscosity index improver is added has a higher viscosity index and a smooth viscosity temperature curve as compared with a single grade oil of the same viscosity. The reason why such a polymer compound can play such a role is that the polymer coil of the viscosity index improver is stretched at a high temperature and shrinks at a low temperature. The change of the shape of the coil makes it have a large viscosity-increasing ability at a high temperature and a small viscosity-increasing ability at a low temperature, thereby improving the viscosity-temperature performance of the lubricating oil.

The types of additives produced by our company mainly include polymethacrylate (PMA) type viscosity index improver, namely 9 series products, KFD9200 (SCR-602), KFD9100 (SCR-261), KFD9000 (SCR-178A).

Ethylene propylene copolymer (OCP) viscosity index improver, ie 6 series products, including KFD6600 (T616), KFD6500 (T615), KFD6400 (T614), KFD6300 (T613), KFD6200 (T612).

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