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What Is Industrial Close Gear Oil?

      Industrial closed gear is the most widely used gear transmission systems for industrial purposes. The transmission system has a closed gear box; some of the gear box is also the fuel tank, with gear parts soaking in oil, while other gear boxes pump the gear oil from the fuel tank for the gear parts to get lubricated. 

       China has a national standard for industrial closed gear, GB5903-1995, which is consistent with the US Standard AGMA.

       The name of industrial gear oils has two parts to indicate viscosity and purpose, e.g. “68 industrial closed gear oil” As the most industrial gear oils are closed type, “closed” is often omitted in the naming. Open gears have to name with “open gears”.   

        Industrial closed gear oil is composed of base stock and additives. The main additives used are extreme-pressure anti-wear agent, oiliness agent, anti-oxidant, metal deactivator, anti-foaming agent, anti-emulsification agent, etc. 

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