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Intermediate Base Oil Pour Point Depressant

Pour Point Depressant T808A is the copolymer of fumaric acid ester   and vinyl acetate, and has good low-temperature liquidity and excellent   pour point effect. It is widely used in various industrial oil and   internal combustion engine oil of various grades that use paraffinic or   intermediate base oil. T808A works well with dewaxed paraffinic oil and   intermediate base oil. Excellent pour point depressing effect with small   dose. Excellent fluidity and solubility under low temperature.

Product   Characteristics

Treated with high pressure homogenizer, T808A has good stability and   transparency. Excellent fluidity and solubility under low temperature.   Excellent shear stability under Q/CRY02-2017 standard. Cost effective.

Recommended Dose  0.1%-0.5%

Typical   Characteristics

         List of ItemsTypical IndicatorTest MethodAppearancePale-yellow transparent viscous liquidVisual InspectionKinematic Viscosity, (100°C), mm2/s<110GB/T265shear stability index(SSI)18SH/T0103Flash Point (COC), °C>188GB/T3536PPD Degree, °C>13 HV150 base oil with 0.5% dosageGB/T510

Pour Point   Test Typical Value

 DosageBase oil0%0.1%0.3%0.5%150SN-14℃-19℃-25℃-27℃400SN-11℃-18℃-20℃-22℃200SN-18℃-20℃-23℃-25℃               100N              -25℃-55℃-56℃--150N-19℃-30℃-34℃-36℃

Packaging and   Safety Information

Net weight: 175 Kg/drum, packed   in 200 liter metal drum. Best Blending temperature: 50-60. Please refer to SH/T0164   for transportation, storage and handling. Non-flammable, non-explosive,   non-corrosive. Storage temperature below 60, avoid repeated heating, keep away from heat.



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