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Lubricating Oil Use Instructions

Oil storage: 

1. Do not stand in an open air environment to prevent intrusion of water and debris. 

2. Indoor storage can be placed vertically, with the barrel facing up for easy extraction. 

3. Tighten the sealing cap to keep the oil drum sealed. 

4. Keep the barrel surface clean and clearly marked. 

5. Keep the floor clean and easy to find when leaking oil. 

6. Do a good job of registering in the warehouse, first come first. 

7. Frequently extracted oil, placed on the oil drum rack and controlled by the switch. 

8. The new oil should be placed separately from the waste oil. The container filled with waste oil should not be filled with new oil to prevent pollution.

Oil safety: 

1. The oil should be stored separately and no flammable materials should be placed around it.

2. Fireworks are strictly prohibited, and fires are not allowed to enter the oil depot. 

3. Equipped with no less than two firearms. 

4. Do not accumulate the tarpaulin or the removed oil after wiping the machine to avoid combustion.

 5. Flammable special oils or chemical solvents separate and store and place flammable products.

Note for use:

1. Consult the lubrication expert and use the appropriate size of lubricant to minimize the type of oil used. 

2. Each machine shows the parts that need to be refueled in a simple pattern, the name of the oil, the fueling cycle, etc., and is responsible for the use of the wrong oil. 

3. Clean the oil pump, oil pot and other containers and tools before refueling. 

4. Each container for oil use, and indicate the name of the oil on the container to prevent contamination. 

5. Wash the machine with solvent before changing the oil. Do not use water-soluble cleaning agent. 

6. Make mechanical maintenance records every time you add or replace lubricants. 

7. If the oil is abnormal or has been changed to the oil change interval, it should be sampled and handed over to the professional company for testing.

Environmental protection and health: 

1. It is strictly forbidden to discharge waste oil directly into the ditch and pour into the soil to prevent pollution. 

2. The waste oil waste liquid is collected in the barrel and then recycled by the government-recognized recycler. 

3. Those who are allergic to skin or scratched should avoid direct contact with lubricating oil. 

4. Do not wear clothing that has been infiltrated by oil. Do not place the oil-contaminated pieces into the bag. 

5. Do not use dirty cloth to remove the oil traces on the skin, in order to prevent metal debris from being scattered in the cloth to scratch the skin and cause infection.

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