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Performance Requirements For Transformer Oil

The performance of the transformer oil usually has the following requirements:

(1) transformer oil density to be as small as possible, in order to settle the water and impurities in oil precipitation.

(2) Viscosity should be moderate, too viscous will affect the heat convection, too thin will reduce the flash point.

(3) Flash point should be as high as possible, generally should not be lower than 136 ℃.

(4) The solidification point should be as low as possible.

(5) Acid, alkali, sulfur, ash and other impurities contents should be as low as possible, in order to interfere with insulation materials, wires, tanks and cause corrosions.

(6) The degree of oxidation cannot be too high. The degree of oxidation is usually indicated by acid value, which refers to the amount of potassium hydroxide (mg) required to absorb free acid in 1 grams of oil.

(7) The degree of stability should not be too low, the stability is usually indicated by the acid test of the sediment, it represents the ability of oil anti-aging.

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