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High shear stability OCP viscosity modifier  is the most efficient product in the series   of ethylene-propylene copolymer (OCP) viscosity index improvers with   excellent thermal and chemical stability. OCP viscosity index improvers   could increase the adhesive properties and viscosity index of   lubricating oils, preventing dripping and splashing during operation,   reducing operational cost and the risk of environmental contamination. OCP viscosity   index improver T616 has advanced performance similar to Chevron PARATONE 8900E and Infineum SV261 at a lower cost . This product is   primarily used in formulating multi-grade gasoline and diesel engine oils.

Recommended   Dose


Typical   Characteristics

         List of ItemsKFD6200 (T612)KFD6300 (T613)KFD6400 (T614)KFD6500 (T615)KFD6600 (T616)Test MethodAppearanceViscous     liquid with light yellow or no color VisualKinematic Viscosity, (100°C), mm2/s125090075023001950GB/T265shear stability index(SSI)45332418.510.5SH/T0103Flash Point (COC), °C185185185185185GB/T267Thickening ability, mm2/s5.

Packaging and   Safety Information

Net weight: 175 Kg/drum, packed   in 200 liter metal drum. Best Blending temperature: 50-60. Please refer to SH/T0164   for transportation, storage and handling. Non-flammable, non-explosive,   non-corrosive. Storage temperature below 60, avoid repeated heating, keep away from heat.




Application   Example and Technical Indicators (T616)

Blending engine oil SN 5W-40 and SN 0W-40, with

Ÿ   Afton HiTEC 9890 engine oil additive package

Ÿ   hydro-generated base oil and synthetic base oil, ester oil

Ÿ   viscosity index improver T616

Ÿ   pour point depressant SCR-248

Ÿ   anti-foaming agent T901


SN 5W-40

SN 0W-40


18%   100N

20%   PAO-4

64.2%   150N

49.2%   PAO-6

10% CORDA Priolube 3970

8.5%   HiTEC 9890

8.5%   HiTEC 9890

9.0%   T616

12.0%   T616

0.3% SCR-248

0.3%   SCR-248

20 ppm   T901

20 ppm   T901

Viscosity (100°C), mm2/s



Pour Point, °C



Low temperature dynamic viscosity, mPa.S

6200  (-30°C)

5980  (-35°C)


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