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The Difference Between Pour Point Depressant And Other Pour Point Depressants In Lubricating Oil

In addition to lubricating oil, pour point depressants are often used in diesel and crude oil to improve their low temperature or normal temperature transport capacity. The pour point depressants used in diesel and crude oil are also surfactants. The pour point depressant used can only consider the effect of depressing the oil, that is, the effect of the oil on the rheological properties at the temperature of the investigation, and basically does not need to consider the influence on other components of the oil and other properties, this is diesel and The main difference between the use of crude oil pour point depressants and lubricating oil pour point depressants. In addition, there are many colloids and asphaltenes in crude oil. In the choice of pour point depressants, it is necessary to give full play to their polar effects. When the pour point depressant and paraffin eutectic, the surfactant polar groups and colloids and asphalt are used. The qualitative interaction, while the pour point depressant in the lubricating oil should avoid interaction with the polar groups of the additive in the oil as much as possible, unless it has synergistic effect with other functional additives in improving the performance of the oil. Therefore, the use of the varieties used in diesel and crude oil in lubricating oils must be strictly examined and evaluated.

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