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The Temperature Of The Diesel Engine Is Too High. Is The Oil Refueling Too Much?

(1) The piston ring or cylinder liner is severely worn.

(2) Piston ring counterpart: Although the piston ring is not worn, the openings of the ring are all opposite.

(3) Piston ring sticking or breaking: The piston ring sticks, breaks or loses elasticity.

(4) The top of the piston ablate or pull the cylinder: the top of the piston is severely ablated or pulled, causing the cylinder to lose its seal.

(5) Crankcase respirator failure:

  1. Respirator film or (respirator) piston is damaged.

  2. The ventilator is clogged with tiny vents that are in equilibrium with the atmosphere.

(6) There is too much oil in the oil.

(7) The air compressor is severely suffocated.

(8) The main difference between the piston ring or cylinder liner factor and other factors causing the crankcase exhaust pressure:

  1. The piston ring or cylinder liner wears and burns into the crankcase. Therefore, the crankcase exhaust gas has a strong burning gas taste, while other factors do not have such a taste.

  2. Piston ring or cylinder liner factor gas carry-over easy to make the oil black in a short time, other factors, the oil blackening time is normal.

  3. Piston ring or cylinder casing factor Helium will cause insufficient diesel engine power, black smoke, abnormal noise in the cylinder, etc., while other factors, helium, do not have these phenomena.

(9) The hazard of the crankcase exhaust pressure:

  1. Increase the oil consumption;

  2. Diesel engine is seriously blue smoke;

  3. It is easy to cause carbon deposit in the top of the piston or the piston ring, which causes the cylinder to malfunction;

  4. For closed cycle crankcase breathing system.

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