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What Are The Advantages Of HM Hydraulic Oil Compared To HL Oil?

HL hydraulic oil is sufficient for a machine tool with loads lower than 7.0MPa. however, the working pressure of automatic machine bed is increasing nowadays, many reaching 30MPa and beyond. The increase in loading pressure, not only requires the oil to have a higher load resistance, but also to have improved performances for some indicators, for example, anti-foaming, air release value, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-erosion, compatibility with sealing materials, etc. These requirements lead to the development of HM oil, with indicators higher than those of HL. HM oil also have to pass the specific hydraulic pump test.


The following table is a comparison of results of oil loss in hydraulic pump tests.

Oil type

Machine oil

HL hydraulic oil

Low Zinc HF-0

Ashless HF-0

HM hydraulic oil







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