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What Are The Basic Properties Required For Gear Oils?

1. Suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature

Viscosity is the most basic performance of gear oils. The viscosity is large, the formed lubricating oil film is thick, and the load resistance is relatively large.

2. Sufficient extreme pressure anti-wear and anti-load performance

Extreme pressure and wear resistance is the most important and most important feature of gear oil. It is based on the performance of preventing tooth surface wear, abrasion and gluing during exercise.

3. Good anti-emulsification

Emulsification and deterioration of the gear oil in contact with water will seriously affect the formation of the lubricating oil film and cause scratches and abrasion.

4. Good oxidation stability and thermal stability

Good thermal oxidation stability guarantees the service life of the oil.

5. Good anti-foaming

The resulting foam does not disappear quickly and will affect the formation of the oil film at the gear mesh. The entrainment of the foam reduces the actual working oil and affects heat dissipation.

6. Good rust and corrosion resistance

Corrosion and rust not only destroy the geometric characteristics and lubrication state of the gear, but corrosion and rust products will further cause the gear oil to deteriorate and produce a vicious circle.

Gear oils should also have other properties such as adhesion, shear stability and the like.


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