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What Are The Common Viscosity Index Improvers?

The adhesive agent is an oil-soluble high molecular polymer, and its molecular structure has the following characteristics: when the temperature is raised, the molecule swells, the volume increases, and the viscosity of the oil increases; when the temperature decreases, the molecule shrinks and the volume decreases, so that The viscosity of the oil is reduced. It is this property that determines the viscosity of the oil to improve the viscosity of the oil.

Commonly used are the following four types of tackifiers: polyisobutylene (PIB), ethylene propylene copolymer (OCP), polymethacrylate (PMA), hydrogenated styrene diene copolymer (HSD). Choosing the right adhesive agent is very important to improve the viscosity and temperature performance of the oil. At the same time, some properties of the adhesive itself, such as thermal oxidation stability, high temperature performance and low temperature performance, also have certain effects on the oil.

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