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What Are The General Wear And Tear Of The Engine?

1. Corrosion wear

This so-called corrosion, to put it bluntly, is that the fuel entering the combustion chamber will produce harmful substances such as nitrogen and sulfuric acid, which will corrode the engine. According to the survey, generally 100 gallons of gasoline will produce 5-6 pounds of harmful substances, mainly corroding the metal components of the cylinder, crankshaft and piston ring inside the engine.

2. Dry grinding caused by dust

At present, the most advanced air filter can not do 100% filtration of all impurities, these impurities are currently mainly represented by dust. The impurities entering the engine inside the engine will hinder the overall operation of the engine, and the inside of the engine will rub against the machine parts to produce dry grinding. This problem is relatively fatal to the engine, and even oil and lubricants can not completely solve this problem.

3. Corrosion

We all know that the engine is a burning machine, and the internal combustion of gasoline produces a very high temperature. By air-assisted combustion, it is bound to produce a lot of water vapor. After a long time, the water vapor will condense into water. This water will rust the metal inside the engine, especially when the engine is stopped short-range, the water has not been evaporated, and the water vapor can not be directly liquefied inside the engine. These waters continue to rust the metal and also dilute the lubricating fluid and the oil, which become a major cause of wear and tear, which is why we can't water in the coolant.

4. The engine starts dry grinding

When the car is in a static state for a long time, this time must be hot or idle for a while. Because the engine does not start for a long time, the oil is returned to the oil pan. When the cold car starts, the oil can't be sprayed onto the parts of the engine surface, and then the car parts will be in direct contact when starting. This is the strong engine wear. It belongs to a piece of engine that is usually worn more seriously.

5. Normal wear and tear

However, if there are parts in the car engine, it will inevitably wear out. This is also the reason why the owner usually changes the oil frequently. Some high-efficiency engine oils contain many additives, such as anti-wear agents, viscosity index improvers, rust inhibitors, antioxidants, etc. Etc., the purpose is to minimize the damage caused by normal wear and tear.

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