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What Is A Pour Point Depressant?

Lubricating oil generally contains a small amount of paraffin. When the temperature of the oil drops to a certain extent, the oil will lose its fluidity and solidify due to the precipitation of paraffin crystals. The role of the pour point depressant is mainly to reduce the freezing point of the oil. A pour point depressant is a chemically synthesized polymer or condensation product which generally contains a polar gene and an alkyl chain similar in structure to the paraffin hydrocarbon. By changing the shape and size of the wax crystal by adsorption on the surface of the wax crystal or the effect of eutectic with it, the three-dimensional network structure is prevented from sticking between the wax crystal grains, thereby maintaining the fluidity of the oil at a low temperature. However, if the paraffin content in the lubricating oil is too much, which greatly exceeds the effect of the pour point depressant, even if a pour point depressant is added, the pour point depressing effect will not be obtained.

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