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What Is The Difference Between Gasoline Engine Oil And Diesel Engine Oil?

In general, diesel engine oils of the same viscosity grade are more viscous than gasoline engine oils. If the same viscosity grade diesel engine oil is used in a gasoline engine, the following problems will occur:

1. The engine temperature is too high: the viscosity of the diesel engine oil is greater than that of the gasoline engine oil, the friction is large, causing the engine to heat up, and the temperature rise will accelerate the deterioration of the oil, and the oil life will be reduced.

2. Increase the wear of low temperature start: the viscosity of the oil is too large, and the oil is too slow when the engine starts at low temperature, especially in the cold weather. At this time, although the oil pressure is high, the pumping performance of the oil is poor, and dry friction occurs, and dry friction is the main cause of engine wear.

There is a difference between the two oil additives: the same volume of diesel engine oil contains more additives

Exhaust and catalytic exhaust purification systems are different

Diesel engines are different from catalytic converters for gasoline engines. More anti-wear agents are added to the diesel engine oil, so diesel engine emissions have higher requirements for the purifier, and the diesel purifier has been specially treated to deal with this problem. If diesel engine oil is used on a gasoline engine, it will cause problems for the gasoline engine's exhaust gas purifier.

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