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What Is The Role Of Lubrication In Gear Transmission?

Lubrication plays a decisive role in the normal operation and service life of the gear drive. The lubrication, cooling and other functions of the lubricant in the gear transmission ensure the normal operation of the gear at a certain working temperature and prolong the service life of the gear.

Effect of lubrication on the wear of the meshing tooth surface: Since the lubricant forms a lubricating oil film with a certain strength between the gear meshing surfaces, the meshing tooth surface is separated, and a chemical reaction film is formed due to the extreme pressure additive in the lubricant and the metal surface. To cope with the boundary state that appears at any time, thus maintaining the separation between the gears, to achieve the purpose of eliminating wear.

Lubrication on the tooth surface gluing: Gluing is a common form of gear transmission failure. That is, in the meshing tooth surface, when the load and speed exceed the bearing capacity of the lubricating film, the lubricating film is broken, so that the material of the meshing tooth surface is in direct contact with dry friction, causing wear, and the tooth surface temperature is sharply increased, and the two meshing tooth surfaces Mud to each other to form a glue damage. If the tangential speed of the gear is greater than 4m/s, thermal gluing damage is likely to occur, and less than 4m/s is prone to cold gluing damage. A suitable lubricant must have a certain degree of adhesion, load carrying capacity and extreme pressure resistance to ensure the separation of the meshing tooth surface and avoid the occurrence of glue damage.

Lubrication on the tooth surface fatigue: The lubrication state of the lubricant has a direct influence on the contact stress of the tooth surface. The contact stress of the tooth surface is the main factor affecting the tooth surface fatigue. Therefore, the strength of the lubricating film directly acts on the fatigue of the tooth surface, which requires an oil film strength of sufficient strength to be continuously stabilized.

Lubrication on the vibration and noise of gear transmission: There are many reasons for gear vibration and noise. Lubrication is only one aspect, but it is also a very important aspect. Different lubrication methods and lubricants have different effects on gear vibration and noise. Even the amount of lubricant used directly affects the noise generation of the gear. In other cases where the conditions are fixed, choosing the right lubrication method, choosing the right lubricant, and adding the right amount of lubricant are often the most effective ways to reduce gear vibration and noise.

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