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What Is The Significance Of Lubricant Additives?

The importance of lubricant additives:

The first one refers to the insoluble matter of the rubber, carbon deposit, etc. formed by the lubricating oil, or suspended in the oil to form a stable colloid state and not easily deposited on the component;

The second means that the gel, carbon deposits, etc., which have been deposited on the engine components, are washed by lubricating oil. A cleansing dispersant is a surface active substance that adsorbs solid particulate contaminants in oil and suspends contaminants on the surface of the oil to ensure that the oil that participates in the lubrication cycle is clean to reduce high temperatures and paint film. Formation. The dispersant disperses the low temperature sludge in the oil to filter it out in the lubricating oil cycle. Clean dispersing additives are a general term for them, and they also have functions of washing, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. Therefore, it is also called a multi-effect additive. In a certain sense, the quality of lubricating oil is mainly distinguished by the resistance to high and low temperature deposits and the formation of paint film. It can also be said that the performance and the amount of detergent in the lubricating oil are clearly dispersed. The agent has an important influence on the quality of the lubricant.

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