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What Performance Should The Compressor Oil Have?

1. Viscosity   The appropriate viscosity enables the compressor to perform good lubrication, cooling and sealing at working temperature and pressure to ensure the normal operation of the compressor.

2. Viscosity and temperature   The internal combustion rotary air compressor of the fuel injection is repeatedly heated and cooled during the working process. Therefore, the viscosity of the oil should not be changed too much due to temperature changes, and should have good viscosity and temperature.

3. Flash point   The flash point indicates the vapor pressure formed by heating the oil under atmospheric pressure and reaches the temperature at the lower limit concentration ignited by an open flame.

4. Coking tendency   The tendency of the compressor oil to resist carbon deposition is crucial for the reliable operation of the compressor oil.

5. Oxidation stability   Since the discharge temperature of the compressor is usually 120 to 200 ° C, it is possible to reach 300 ° C, and the compressor oil is easily oxidized at a high temperature to deteriorate to form sludge.

6. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust   properties of the compressor oil cooling components such as copper or copper metal, easy to be corroded, the oil will appear early oxidative deterioration, resulting in sludge. This requires the oil to have good corrosion resistance.

7. Oil-water separation  The compressor continuously meets the condensed water in the air during operation and is stirred vigorously, which is easy to produce emulsification, resulting in unclear oil and gas separation and increased fuel consumption.

8. Defoaming   Rotary compressor oil in the process of recycling, the circulation speed is fast, so that the oil is in a state of intense stirring, and it is easy to produce foam. When the compressor oil is started or depressurized, the oil in the oil pool is also easy to foam. A large amount of oil foam is poured into the oil separator, which increases the resistance and increases the fuel consumption, which may cause abnormal phenomena such as severe overload and over temperature.

9. Others   It is also required that the oil has low volatility, suitable pour point, no mechanical impurities and moisture, so as to ensure long-term safe operation of the compressor.

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