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Why Is The Engine Loud?

  1. When you step on the gas pedal, you feel that the engine is underpowered and has a hysterical sound. The most likely time is when the engine is hot, cold, or when there is no oil. The causes of such problems can be divided into air filters, spark plugs, ignition lines, gasoline, gasoline filters, gasifiers, oil pumps and other issues. You can check to see the air filter, spark plug, ignition coil.

  2. When driving, the acceleration is normal, the ignition may be normal, but if you drive at a constant speed, the engine speed is found to be too high but the speed does not seem to be lifted. Try to check the coolant, the oil pressure is too high, or too low, check the oil pressure gauge, and there may be problems with the ignition timing setting, which can also cause such symptoms. As for the other, it may be internal engine problems such as EGR, valve blockage, etc.

  3. Very loud noise comes out of the exhaust pipe, and sometimes it will sound similar from the front section. The main problem is in the exhaust system to check whether the exhaust pipe is broken.

  4. When you step on the accelerator pedal, you will hear the sound of the cymbal coming out of the exhaust pipe. The sound may not be very loud. The car will not be abnormal when it is driven, and the fuel consumption will increase. It is recommended to check the silencer and whether the exhaust pipe is damaged.

  5. Sharp noise, especially the air conditioner is on, the weather is cooler, when the speed is slow, the driving belt slips and the direction reaches the limit. If the belt is too loose, tightening the belt can be solved.

  6. When driving at low speeds, or when you add a throttle, there will be sound under the engine, especially when the weather is cooler. It is recommended to keep the frame high and check if there is a heat insulation board between the exhaust pipe and the ground. It may be caused by the aging of the insulation board, replacement, or removal.

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