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Excellent Thickening Ability Viscosity Index Improver KFD6600(T616)

Excellent Thickening Ability Viscosity Index Improver KFD6600(T616)

KFD6600 (T616) is a new type of viscosity index improver developed by Shenyang Great Wall Lubricant Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The products are sold well in domestic and foreign markets and have excellent thickening ability. Not only does it blend well with oils, but it also reduces your oil blends and is your best choice.

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Product Details

Product introduction

The performance of this product is much higher than the traditional viscosity index improver, and it is widely used. This product is a highly refined hydrogenated base oil suitable for the preparation of various oils. The implementation standard is: Q/CRY26-2017


Viscosity index improver glue evaluation

according to SH/T0622-2007 Standard, evaluate the glue liquid.


Plan 1

In Dalian HVI150 base oil, add 10%(mass fraction)KFD6600(T616), Heat up to 60 ~70 .  

Table 1 T616  Main physical and chemical indexes of viscosity index improver



Test method


Colorless transparent viscous liquid

Visual inspection

Viscosity (100℃)         mm2/s


GB 265 

Flash point (opening)             ℃ 


GB 267 

Moisture %                      m/m

not have 

GB 260

Set noise%                       m/m


GB 511

Thickening ability          mm2/s


SH 0566 

Shear stability, diesel nozzle            method

Shear stability index SSI           %


SH 0103

Plan 2

Use gasoline oil compound agent, a certain proportion of hydrogenated base oil and synthetic base oil. Viscosity index improver T616 modulation  modulate SN 5W-40 and SN 0W-40. The kinematic viscosity, pour point and apparent viscosity of the oil were measured. 

Table 2  Blending scheme and experimental analysis results


SN   5W-40

SN  0W-40







100N: 18%

150N:  64.2%

H9890: 8.5%

H9890:    8.5%

T616: 9.0%

SCR-248: 0.3%

T901: 20ppm

PAO-4: 20%

PAO-6: 49.2%

3970: 10%

H9890: 8.5%

T616: 12.0%

SCR-248: 0.3%

T901: 20ppm

Viscosity(100 %)                        mm2/s 



pour point              



Low temperature dynamic viscosity  CCS  mpa·s



T616 can be used to modulate high grade internal combustion engine oil, and it has good low temperature performance under the guarantee of strong thickening ability.

Moreover, it has good shear stability and high shear performance at high temperature.

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