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OCP Viscosity Index Improver T615

OCP Viscosity Index Improver T615

Blending engine oil SN 5W-40 and SN 0W-40, with Ÿ Afton HiTEC 9890 engine oil additive package Ÿ hydro-generated base oil and synthetic base oil, ester oil Ÿ viscosity index improver T616 Ÿ pour point depressant SCR-248 Ÿ anti-foaming agent T901

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Product Details

Diesel engine oil OCP Viscosity   modifier


Diesel engine oil viscosity index improver T615 is   primarily used in blending multi-grade engine oils for all grades. They can   boost the viscosity efficiently and the viscosity index of the lubricating   oils. This product also has good compatibility with pour point depressants.

Product   Characteristics

T615 OCP viscosity index improver significantly improves its   thickening capacity compared to earlier models of OCP viscosity   index improver. The thermal stability and chemical stability perform better, too.   It flows under low temperature and shear stability is better. It’s a stable   product that can be used with other oil additives without compatibility   concerns.

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